PhotoCard Privacy Policy

We never share your email or postal addresses, photographs, or the content of your messages with any other company.

When you purchase credits, the PayPal interface shields us from knowing your credit card or PayPal information. That is between you and PayPal.

We will only use your photos to print and mail the specific cards that you send. You retain all rights.

Your iOS contacts are used only to address cards, and the only contact information uploaded to the server is the specific address you have chosen to send your card to.

Your password is hashed before it is uploaded to the PhotoCard server. Even if a hacker were to somehow break into the server, they would not find a list of plain text passwords.

During the printing, lamination, trimming, and inspection process of making PhotoCards, a handful of skilled production workers see and inspect the printed postcards. Once we deliver the cards to the US Postal Service, postal workers see your cards as they are sorted and delivered.